1. Students who intend to transfer earned credits have to seek pre-approval for Summer School outside KU. Credit transfer requests of students who did not obtain pre-approval may not be granted.

2. Credits can only be earned for in-class courses taught in English, in Summer Schools and Programs recognized by Koç U. Courses for which the host university does not give credit to its own students or does not give a transcript cannot be transferred. Summer programs with optional student evaluation or Pass/Fail grading are not eligible for credit transfer.

3. Only courses with a pre-requisite area course can be transferred as “Area elective”.

4. Required Area Courses can not be transferred.

5. Summer courses outside KU are taken on a Credit Transfer Only basis. For credit transfer to take place, student must pass the course with a grade of C or better. Exceptions: In some cases the minimum grade requirement is higher. If a bilateral agreement between KU and the host school is in place, students may transfer grades as well as credits. The student will be informed of any special rules when pre-approval is granted.