As the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics (CASE), our mission is to produce well-rounded and competent graduates by providing a world-class education that will prepare them for a globalizing world, to advance the frontiers of knowledge, and to use this knowledge to contribute to the intellectual, economic, political, and socioeconomic developments in our sphere of influence. In an effort to achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary approach linking Economics, Business and International Relations is reflected in our educational and research programs.

Since its foundation, the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics has earned a distinguished reputation with its internationally recognized faculty, with its programs and competent graduates, and with its research programs that contribute to scientific development on an international scale.

Among the 62 full-time faculty members, %95 earned their PhDs from prestigious universities abroad and most have joined Koç University holding an international experience. With publications in the leading academic journals, the number of publications per faculty member, TÜBA and TÜBİTAK awards, CASE is positioned among the leading schools in Turkey. Our faculty members conduct research activities at Koç University – TUSIAD Economic Research Forum, Center for Migration Research and the Center for Globalization and Democratic Governance (GLODEM).

Koç University has adopted the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and is committed to developing responsible leaders. Koç University’s College of Administrative Sciences and Economics along with Graduate School of Business is the first and the only institution in Turkey that holds European Quality Improvement System(EQUIS) accreditation awarded by European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). Additionally, it is a member of CEMS Global Alliance for Management Education which comprises of 29 member schools, all of which are the leading schools within their country.

College of Administrative Sciences and Economics aims for preparing its students to leadership positions anywhere in the world. To this end, students are encouraged to participate international programs at prominent universities all over the world. In addition, ach year, our College receives many international students. Approximately one-third of our students spend a semester abroad.

Our programs – Business Administration, Economics and International Relations – are intended to prepare students to assume leading roles in the business, academic world and in government and international organizations. After completing the liberal arts core program, our curriculum gives students flexibility to shape their programs of study that fit their personal objectives and prepare them to work in diverse functional areas.

I invite you to explore and learn more about our educational and research programs.


Prof. Dr. Zeynep Gürhan Canlı

Dean, College of Administrative Sciences and Economics