MATHEMATICS SEMINAR by Georgios Dmitroglou

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2024-01-09 17:30

2024-01-09 21:30

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SCI 103

MATHEMATICS SEMINAR by Georgios Dmitroglou

Speaker : Georgios Dmitroglou-Rizell (Uppsala University) Title : Floer homology and potentials for Lagrangians with conical singularities Date : Tuesday, January 9, 2024 Time : 14:30-15:30 Place : SCI 103 Abstract: We explain how to extend the definition of the superpotential and wrapped Fukaya category from closed embedded Lagrangians to Lagrangians with conical singularities, by relying on techniques from Symplectic Field Theory. In particular we introduce the refined potential as defined in joint work with T. Ekholm and D. Tonkonog. We apply this technique to the singular Lagrangian skeleton given as the complement of z_1z_2...z_n=1 in C^n, which can be considered as a monotone singular Lagrangian inside CPn. This is joint work with P. Ghiggini.

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Georgios Dmitroglou-Rizell (Uppsala University)