Thirteen years of large carnivores’ study in Türkiye

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2024-05-31 13:00

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Thirteen years of large carnivores’ study in Türkiye

Kuzey and Doğa were two male wolves that were captured alive, GPS collared and tracked in the north-eastern part of Türkiye, in 2011, the first wolves to be studied in this way in Türkiye. The initiative came from the Kuzey-Doğa Society, which has been involved in nature conservation and research in Türkiye since 2008. The work was expanded to include bears and lynx, and by 2023 a total of 41 wolves, 92 bears and 25 lynx had been tracked by GPS. The team also grew: from the initial Kuzey-Doğa Society, researchers and students from the University of Utah, the University of Zagreb and Koc University joined the team. 

Telemetry tracking, camera trapping and other methods provided insights into aspects of spatial ecology, activity, feeding ecology, genetics and relationships with humans in large carnivores living in the human-dominated landscape of northeastern Türkiye. 

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Josip Kusak, University of Utah