INTL 101: Introducion to Political Science

ECON 100/ECON 110: Principles of Economics/Intro. to Economic and Strategic Behaviour

PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy and Philosophical Thinking



INTL 203: Introducion to International Relations

INTL 204: Introducion to Comparative Politics

INTL 318: Social Network Analysis

PHIL 215: Epistemology

ECON 201: Intermediate Microeconomics


ECON 202: Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 333: Game Theory and Strategy


INTL 308: History of Political Thought

PHIL 213: Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 217: Modern Philosophy

PHIL 403: Topics in Ancient Philosophy


INTL 313: Introduction To Global Political Economy

INTL 318: Social Network Analysis

INTL 325: Gender and Politics

INTL 406: Contemporary Issues in Turkish Politics

INTL 440: Religion, Secularism and Democracy in the World

INTL 475: Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism

PHIL 216: Ethics

PHIL 330: Applied Ethics

PHIL 401: Political Philosophy

ECON 322: International Finance

ECON 340: Public Finance

ECON 480: The Economics of Institutions

ECON 481: Turkish Economy


Note: INTL 101, ECON 100 or ECON 110, PHIL 101 and 3 electives, total
6 courses should be completed. Average GPA of these 6 courses should be 2,7 / 4,00 in order to have the track certificate. A student from Economy, Philosophy or International Relations, should choose two elective courses from the other programs (one elective
from each program, other than his/her major). If a student is having a major other than Economy, Philosophy and International Relations, should choose 3 electives from at least 2 of these three majors.