Koc University Research Team, led by their academic mentor Dr. Zekiye Selvili (CASE) has won the local CFA Research Challenge. The Research Challenge, hosted by the CFA institute, is the most prestigious finance competition in the world, involving more than 900 universities across the globe.

In this competition, students use research and financial analysis to value a publicly traded company in their respective countries. They present their findings in a detailed professional report as well as before an audience, including judges with CFA titles and years of sector experience. Throughout the process, students are able to integrate their academic learnings with practical training while gaining experience as equity research analysts.

Our team has successfully completed the next step of the challenge, which involved competing against other universities in the region of Southern Europe. The results will be announced on 31st March. If they are able to advance from their breakout groups, they will be eligible to compete in the European finals, and ultimately in the global finals, which will be held in Washington D.C.

We wish the team good luck and continued success throughout their journey.

Koç University Research Team:

Emirhan Erel: Computer Engineering and Economics DM

Ahmet Bahadır Gülver: Law and Economics DM

Zeynab İbrahimli: Business Administration and Economics DM

Gülsüm Dilan Sisü: Business Administration and Economics DM

İrem Şimşek: Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Economics DM