AUTO-TWIN: Data-driven method based on a process mining approach for Automated Digital Twin generation, operations, and maintenance in circular value chains

Professor Barış Tan’s AUTO-TWIN project addresses the technological shortcoming and economic liability of the development and usage of digital twins that are accepted as the accelerator and enabler of Circular Economy in businesses and production by conduction research in 3 areas: 1) introducing a breakthrough method for automated process-aware discovery towards autonomous Digital Twins generation, to support trustworthy business processes in circular economies; 2) adopting an (International Data Space) IDS- based common data space, to promote and facilitate the secure and seamless exchange of manufacturing/product/business data within value-networks in a circular-economy ecosystem; 3) integrating novel hardware technologies into the digital thread, to create smart Green Gateways, empowering companies to perform data and digital twin enabled green decisions, and to unleash their full potential for actual zero-waste Circular Economy and reduced dependency from raw materials.

There are 13 partners from 8 different countries in the project that will be coordinated by Politecnico di Milano.  The Koç University research group led by Barış Tan will develop advanced analysis and optimization methods to automatically generate Digital Twins from process data, use these digital twins to support reuse/renew/recycle and pricing decisions at both the plant level and the value chain level, and develop new business models for the Circular Economy. Wholehearted congratulations to Prof. Barış Tan for this outstanding accomplishment and best wishes for his continued success.